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Help Hair<sup>®</sup> Protein ShakeHelp Hair® Shake (patent pending) Vitamin rich, hair-friendly protein shake hair-friendly protein shake containing all the nutrients suitable for healthy hair growth, weight loss programs & weight training. Our patent pending, proprietary formula is the only all natural, growth hormone free low anabolic whey protein providing hair loss vitamins to make your hair look thicker and fuller -- unlike whey protein isolate which our studies have shown to accelerate hair loss found in most weight loss and workout products. See our clinical study.

Help Hair<sup>®</sup> VitaminsHelp Hair® Vitamins - Vitamins for Hair? Get hair loss vitamins that has all the nutrients effectively to promote fuller hair from within! Great for nails too!

Help<sup>®</sup> Hair Shampoo
Help® Hair Leafy Green Shampoo
Protein & Vitamin-rich volumizing shampoo which has all the nutrients to make your hair look thicker and fuller.

Help<sup>®</sup> Hair Shampoo
Help® Hair Shampoo
Protein & Vitamin-rich moisturizing shampoo for fuller, flourishing, vibrant hair (discounted, while supplies last).

Help Hair<sup>®</sup> Conditioner
Help Hair® Conditioner
Stimulating conditioner adds smooth body & restores oils stripped by blow-drying & colorants.

Hair Loss TreatmentHair Loss Treatment:
4 Step Program for healthy hair growth

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Adult male, age 52, used Help Hair®
shake, vitamins, shampoo & conditioner
for 3 months as directed.
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Paper: Hair Loss & Whey Protein Isolate

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Patent pending

Help Hair Shake:
... By chance I noticed Help Hair in Whole Foods and since I was looking for Whey Protein anyway, I bought it over a month ago - or however long it takes to consume 2.1 lbs at a scoop a day. I noticed a difference in a week or so. My hair is stronger and shinier and little hairs are popping up around my hairline. Hurrah! My Dermatologist has just prescribed adding Zinc to my regime of Biotin and Omega 3. Help Hair has Biotin and Zinc and so it's two meds in one tasty shake and I believe this liquid form to be more quickly absorbed than tablets. What a winner. Thank you Dr. Shapiro.

New Discovery! AFR® speeds up hair regrowth after hair transplant.

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